Upward Bound

July 14, 2018

Portfolio — Marie Atwood

I have always wanted to be able to draw and paint, but I could never do anything that looked decent from an artistic position. As others assured me that I could, I decided one day to purchase a sketch pad and see, once again, if I could achieve even the lowest level. The thing I copied were flowers, grass,  vases cats books, and eventually trees and if I wasn’t able to get a good copy of a particular piece I was copying, I did it over and over until it was acceptable.

In time, I felt I was ready to try to I chose a landscape because there is not as much detail there, at least in the ones I tried. For the most part I have continued to learn by copying the picture itself and have been successful with that, and I have added drawing from my imagination or from scenery. I am told from within the family that with each picture I am doing better. So I decided to put in a Portfolio page into my WordPress themes and see how this pans out. The one I am showing is not the first one I did, but I wanted one that is a little better to show off to you. I hope that you will leave your contact information page filled in AND that you will  content on what I have done, not with I don’t like or I do like although I like to get those as well. But critique the picture to help me correct next time. If you are interested that and would like to join me in this project I’m certain we can figure out how to do it. We could work out a way to have one or two of the public pictures to show, like once a month.  A little publicity works wonders for encouragement.

So, here it is — This is the sketch drawn two years before I decided to draw the picture. This is what I saw in this scene. Actually, this sketch is about 200% better than the first ones I tried for.

Sketched in the year 2016
I have said all my life I can’t even draw a circle. The trouble is I wanted to learn, so I                          started on the circle..and am still testing my self. I am proof that             ‘IF YOU TRY, YOU CAN DO IT!’

Here is the picture:

Mountain Serenity





































































A Mountain’s Serenity by Marie Hunter Atwood

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