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Full Moon on Horizon Full_Moon_and_Grass-wallpaper-10502174                     FULL                   MOON                 ON                     HORIZON


I gaze in wonder at the golden ball

Hanging in dignity, alert, enthralled

Capturing the shine of gold aglow

Whispering ‘sleep’ it’s good for the soul

Tomorrow’s day may present your need

If soothed and ready for the choice of seed

Your colors will blend with hues that seek

To charm the Master with Love unique.



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WINTER’S TEASE                                   

barrenfigtreeLove is the only emotion that expands intelligence; listen to the world speak to you, Derek Walcott

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Shine forth, oh winter tease

Grant that eyes consume your freeze

In beauty anxieties welcome rest

  Demonstrations of all that’s blessed

Thou hath no wounds to call forth pain

In peace and quiet we have lain

 Allowing winter’s healing magic test

  Draw us to yon  branches  cold and bare

    Forgetting discomforts of frozen air

   Allowing  beauty to charm our souls

       With the love and patience of the bold.

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His Face

My Comment:
This is a poem about ‘seeing’ God. Of course I am aware that in our human state we do not see Him, and yet I would suggest to you that there are many ways of ‘seeing.’ Seeing Him in the realm of beauty, especially if that beauty is a part of nature is, for me, a natural part of living. Where better to see Him than in the creation which He made…the beauty, the peace, the comfort of His presence as well as the comfort of His promise “if you seek me you will find me.” Here is my poem:

Soft falls the night, pensive, still
Wrapping arms of silence
About the woods and hills.
But if you listen closely
There is something you will hear
The echoes of His greatness
Whispering in your ear.
And if you’ll then remember
To look up and seek His face
You’ll see His pure reflection
In beauty’s warm embrace.
Feel Him settle ’round you’
Experience His grace
In one of nature’s moments
You will have seen His face.

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Floral Sunrise             I think of the day ahead and shiver in anxious dread
Yet something urges me not to stay but to welcome life instead
I place both feet upon the floor, knowing choice does both bless and damn.
Pleading that my love is real, I want no part of sham.

Perhaps you’ve never realized that dawn brings more than day
It brings love’s beauty and welcome, and tells the world He stays
I wrap a cloak about me to protect me from a chill
And step outside to see Him as He mounts the holy hill.

In awe I stand completely still, rejoicing in His will
For dawn now rests on nature’s breast and peace drifts about me still
Fresh trials do wait at sorrow’s gate, but I’ll make it now I’ve seen
How darkness recedes before the presence of love and light’s bright gleam.

The path to the door is a memory now, the dread, a bad disease
I’ve escaped for now the dreadful fear and can recall it as I please
With gratitude I know the morning’s pain drew me to your feet, again
So thank you Lord for life and love and for your blessed Calvary call.

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Thinking of You


I saw her again the other day
Flirting with her eyes
Looking at him as if he were me
Interest undisguised.
And it reminded me of how we met
When promises whispered lies
But when I looked into the future
Only darkness filled the skies.

Gritting my teeth I said good-bye
Choking up where it hurt inside
And now I’ve seen her with him
I know my decision was wise.
She doesn’t have a clue of forever
Nor of the gossamer passage of time
But now she’s gone I’m all alone
With memories that just won’t die.

I cry for love no longer mine
For the ache of “might have been”
Haunted by lies and promises
That now have flown with the wind.
Thinking, thinking, accompanied
By two little words, “if only”
It might have been, “if only, if only,
If only I say again.
(edited 2015)

I posted this poem sometime last year, but since I’m doing a series of my love poems and I have recently edited primarily the last verse of this one, I decided  to post it again.