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History 1997
This poem was written, not as a theological discussion, but to help me in thinking of my family who were already a part of that new and different world. I don’t remember when it occurred, but at some point I realized that physical death is not the enemy. That was a big step, one I have come to recognize as difficult for most of us. However it is the way God chooses to teach us, and in my own opinion, it is probably His favorite method. Why? I think it is because it follows a non-painful path all the way through with the exception of that first step. Now, I am able to go forward and contemplate what God has been preparing for us since that time so long ago when he decided to create us as human beings. Most recently I had to release my husband of sixty years to this path and it was sad, but the poem gives me pause now allowing me to contemplate the wonders of that place of refuge made from love, with love. To know he is well, situated in safety among others who love each other gives me great joy. I hope you can gain peace of mind and or now and the anticipation of joining loved ones in the future.

Escape lies in darkness, a street with no name
Where edges are softened and work not the same
Where time does not limit and words never fail
Where friends, ever present, forever prevail.

Such darkness is light at the end of my way
Illumination, glowing through clouds of gray
Beckoning so gently through tunnels of pain
New life is promised though no life remains.

Then weariness, which held me, gives way to hope
For just one glimpse of the eternal scope
And as I press toward the light forgetting all pain
I emerge from my chrysalis, whole again.

Marie Hunter Atwood
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The Grandeur of Life

LandscapeA photograph may define
What man can barely see
The grandeur of creation
That sweeps from sea to sea.

As protegés they have no language
Nor tongues with which to impart
Yet each presupposes
The Master’s precious art.

In mountains there is splendor
From valley to mountain peak
With energy enough for sharing
With the depths of an ocean’s sweep.

While history’s lingering presence
Is allowed to have her sleep
Beneath the cool green surface
There burns a furnace at her feet.

Can compromise dare settle
The broadness of the breach
While the threat of death does simmer
Within the circle’s reach?

So must we search for light
To prepare for that great dawn
When life itself will come for perfection
To quell the circle’s brawn.

As symbols of life and love
They stand proud and ever strong
In patience they overcome
The problems that come along.

So follow the mountain’s grandeur
But live in the valley’s calm
Remembering the Savior’s message
To live for Him alone.

And when the furnace overflows
Fear not, for all is well
You found the light and lived within it
And thus avoided hell.

Yes, in mountains there is splendor
From valley to highest peak
In patience each will overcome
As with love the Savior seeks.


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      Marie Hunter Atwood – 1988
Haunting memories fill my brain
Of days gone by, not seen again
It is, as if, time now stands still
For proof it’s not a dream, but real.

Those moon-bathed nights and golden days
Spilled like jewels in languid haze.
While future’s tryst postponed again
Gave way to innocence sweet reign.

With bold bare feet and bronze-tanned skin,
Sun-bleached hair tousled in the wind,
We romped and played and dreamed in bliss,
Trading time for happiness.

Warm faces tilted to the sun
We didn’t know when it was done
Without knowledge it slipped away
To vanish like the breaking day.





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His Face

My Comment:
This is a poem about ‘seeing’ God. Of course I am aware that in our human state we do not see Him, and yet I would suggest to you that there are many ways of ‘seeing.’ Seeing Him in the realm of beauty, especially if that beauty is a part of nature is, for me, a natural part of living. Where better to see Him than in the creation which He made…the beauty, the peace, the comfort of His presence as well as the comfort of His promise “if you seek me you will find me.” Here is my poem:

Soft falls the night, pensive, still
Wrapping arms of silence
About the woods and hills.
But if you listen closely
There is something you will hear
The echoes of His greatness
Whispering in your ear.
And if you’ll then remember
To look up and seek His face
You’ll see His pure reflection
In beauty’s warm embrace.
Feel Him settle ’round you’
Experience His grace
In one of nature’s moments
You will have seen His face.