Was it a Fog?

Fog in the Mountains
Is it a fog (or something else?)

This is my entree into winter, you remember, I’m certain, that last year almost never ended. It kept on and on and we were all grumbling about it that it was taking time away from that gorgeous beginning called Spring. I don’know if any of you have confessed to the foolishness of that argument or not but let’s at least face the reality of what we know about Spring, (at least in Colorado)  and that is that Spring is always late. I’m going to introduce winter earlier and if we’re lucky we will have done a great deal for those who suffer when the participants allow such blatant scowls. Please click on pale letters below. The colors usually will turn from white to a darker blue.


Did you Enjoy Thick Fog

in the Past couple of days? On top of this mountain it was surreal. Just think!An opaque dimness to great your day, obscuring elusively with soft, tender gray. It’s a mystery some might say, for there, way, way up in the mountain high, there stands a wolf, stern and tall. Some say he’s a guardian to protect us all while others shake their heads and wait to see if she’ll stay and stall for a chance to float in order to say what fun it was. For to be looking down is not up you see but you can know where you’d rather be to be looking down at what’s not up or to see up and be unsteady.

And then we heard a call that cried out ‘Look, oh Look she’s showing us sky.’ And everyone made a big sigh for sky wears no cloak in tender grays, they prefer lots of color to get folks less staid. But here and now we can certainly see, the beauty of sky mixed with golden rays and they ooed and awed over the beauty of it all and teased those who thought the monsters had got off. Easy some say, easy as pie, but perhaps she’ll return if she she enjoyed her stay, and another or two add we can help her find new, for her cloak not only is a soft tender gray, it is worn and cold on those bad days.


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