Self Abandonment

Self Abandonment

These two words are easily pronounced and taken each by itself are quite easy to define. Self…the ‘whom’ of your existence. Now, I admit, I didn’t go to the dictionary to describe this word for the simple reason that when we speak of “self” it is the same as saying “now listen closely, because these next works are very important since they are “self said, meaning me, or perhaps my-self”. It is amazing how we sometimes sound as if we are speaking just such nonsense, because we don’t really express ourselves in such a way.

So, let’t look at “abandonment”. I would venture a guess that we use the word “abandonment” very seldom even though one might use a shortened version such as “it is so sad to see that old building abandoned” or “what a mess that yard is in, it looks abandoned”. Am I right? What I have in mind here is not a lesson on words but in placement of those words together and what happens when they become partners in spirituality.
If you will take these thoughts seriously, like, say, in the same way you consider using the toothbrush it, will not be many days before you begin to experience some “magic” in the life of “self”. Please recognize though that this conversation is not for anyone else except a particular person who can call himself “self”. The sentence just rendered is to remind “self” that while “change” is an important word, it is an even better word when it comes to improvement…not of others…but of self. We are, I hope, better associated with “self” by now that the marked quotation marks are no longer necessary. You may wonder where these marvelous suggestions come from, and I am happy to give you the location of each as we discuss it as I feel looking at one at a time makes more sense than presenting it as a lecture.

Self Abandonment the Introduction: I have a few words of serious introduction first because I call this information among the most important I have ever studied, and second because I want you not to be frightened away when you read what I (personally) call it Cleansing for the Lord. I hope you will realize that the church, His church, is One and that it is composed of Believers, and each of us know things others have not yet learned, but at the same time, all of the “others” know much that I (we) have not learned. I hope you will read and remember ‘this statement “No human can live spiritually in his own ability. I believe the ability to do so comes directly from God to the individual who is seeking”. This is not an original statement with me, but I believe it to be true.  More on this later.

The qualities in need of cleansing are basically the ones Satan has taught, and are the ones he encourages us to use plentifully on a daily basis. Please note that we seldom question how these sinful ideas get into our minds, yet we question repeatedly how we are to “hear” the encouragement of the Spirit.  Both are spirits and both have the ability to penetrate the heart.

A Dream Well Lived was the discussion of a few days ago and I presented it from a different perspective of a make believe person but I hoped it would resonate with any who read it. The primary point was that we all make mistakes. We are not always correct in our interpretations. God, in a sense tells us in many ways  He has made provision for those mistakes and with sorrow and repentance  they could receive the promise of forgiveness but it would still have to wait for the timing because it was man’s belief in the promise plus the Christian’s belief in the divinity of the Son of God that sealed and gave the promise of forgiveness to both. Also it closed the door of enmity between the two thus causing the two to become One spiritually.

Tomorrow, I will present one of the ways in which we can abandon the imperfections that keep us from spiritual growth in the Lord.

Source of Information:
Marie Hunter Atwood
From Faith to Faith, As We Live in the Spirit




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The LIghtted Tree
The lighted tree — symbolic of the spiritual Christian





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