A Dream Well Lived

Begun as a creation of a woman who was saintly, I have altered the title to a broader theme covering all mankind. It will be added to the same title as the others that are grouped together by means of the light that shines in darkness.

A  Dream Well Lived

I saw you in the night’s despair and welcomed surly your presence there. It comforted then and comforts still, no matter when or where. I dreamed, still, no matter when or where, especially of one who sins yet carries a sense of knowing all. I know Time’s routine and by his work well-done, he performs duties as they come, never doubting of rightful ones as they occupy his mind and duty. And as he  does his job, he sings of happiness thankful, for the joy that came for him through that work and suddenly he is able to see the face in memory. The thrill of having work to do daily, and pleased that he would be praising the Creator was a blessing he had never considered would be his bright star.

 Ancient, but honest still, worthy of praise of which you and I still share. There is no wonder how he spends his days responding to what you were given true, he sings your praises, forever plays, and grants his own sweet happiness there. To perform for you he desires no end, decrying even the share you send by his beautiful angels sent by winds. Yes, he desires to please your every need, though strange to me, he does it all in but the one, leaving all else to another’s dream.

And we, I muse, the creation of  a latter due, did set in style a different cue, a knowing one who argued, doubted, while he assumed a sinful knowing. Only, to understand his own wishes spat forth by a different name, usually pronounced “whew!” (The exclamation for endangered.) But since he spends chances only through me e shewed, which was done in stealth. He chuckles in the usage of dreams, disclaiming the danger of wealth to claim. No worry, he says, quite secure his ego shines, no one can overdo the prime. And he giggles quite sure of himself in his own special glory, realizing not, his message, dumb, even  defrayed from multiple granting of  self-same game.

Angered, I wanted to upset the ridiculous claim by setting it right. l thought it a worthy gift to set things right but was told very softly, no, there will be no right in presence bold, for the lack of truth is also inner bold.  Weeping; for my forgetful truth, anger descended to fresh faith within and, as I watched, patience brought the two together, anger with lack of truth, and for me a renewed peace and calm that will be cherished. Seeing now his face in memory, I recalled a thought long remembered, then a thought well known, of wisdom’s end, and now learn it is both and I don’t know what to think or what to think. I had to accept it, but there had to be a reason. Almost immediately, truth and sin, were the same and a thought well known. It enters this by knowing that I had believed and supported the text that  sin. l nave lived and thought I knew it well, but for now it seemed new and was revealed by one who knew, and instantly my peace was named differently, and then the biggest surprise of all: for me,  and I knew in my heart that what he was saying was truth and because it was different from what I thought I knew but to deny this  truth there had to be a reason.  Now, I have the answer’

Oh, Lord, how shameful was this return, after love’s soft welcome, to receive only pointer’s of how to avoid the tempter’s thorns, but pointer’s I need as I sit here forlorn. Hear my story, as you are my delight and thanks I would give you even a small sight: We have forgiveness with an attitude of repentance, sorrow; without repentance it remains wrong, the difference being that the one was not searching for an answer; when the answer is found the second person accepts, no matter how difficult as first. With the one The Spirit will be with you to learn what comes next. Not so with the one who doesn’t care.

Thank you, dear One
For pointing the way
As I reach safety  Beyond

With care I dare not stay
At my door immoral strays

Winning deception
On winning  bait
While I still hope forgetting

                               The capture he’d take
No longer soothes the hate
That love and guidance made

But made for me
The heart’s domain
Love guided to heavens stays

We’ll sing to others
Who look like God
Because they seek to find

The cream of life
In a waiting mood
Will be rich in heaven’s bower

God made man like him
To love and honor
Before the break of day























To know and understand  the
Elementary seed
Why the hate that ruins all

New ways to draw in another
Not knowing his name

Still God made him in honor
An honor spurned by refusing to learn
He is greedy and jealous plus all things he learns







Because he is cowardly,
For which he’ll never end
But in the war he has started he is confidence to no end
Because his greed and jealousy seemnever to be sake

Not knowing Time’s a factor
In who will win the race.



He holds a dreadful advantage,
In charm that promises fame’s name
The other for the name of fulfillment
Of his you can be sure

They’ll  be forgotten there
And lose what is precious
In life’s life to live trusting
The truths that cry to us now
Beg for the return for all that we bare.











































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