A Walk With Jesus What happened to the first 2/3 of my post?

They watched as “the man” was now out of sight,  and Papa smiled as they were asking questions faster than he could answer. Then the boys asked why everyone wanted to touch “the man.” As  he sat beside his two sons and looked into their eyes he said, don’t you know, son? It is because he loves people and because he loves them he gives what he has to let them know of his love.

Soon others came near, and Papa told them to sit in the shade and he’d see if he could find a cup of water some where for the thirsty, but his face was long in disappointment when he returned because he had found none. As soon as he had reached his boys and  saw happiness in their faces, he said again, he is a good man. He closed his eyes for a moment and “when he opened them and smiled at his sons they were no longer there, and in panic he began to ask questions; but then he saw them saying good bye to their friend “the man”. And the three turned to see their friend “the man” doing likewise. And the man lifted his glass to the Father as they sipped the water and Bobby spoke then and said “he sent you this message, Papa, and he turned to his brother Jamie and watched as he quoted what the man had said:”Blessed are the Fathers” and he lifted his cup to the father and his sons and the other father did the  same.

Revelation 22:1  And He showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb.

Man giving boy a glass of water

God gives us a metaphor that is easy to remember for as water sustains physical life, He tells us of the water of life that is provided for man that will flow from the throne of God and the Lamb. The crystal clear water of heaven will provide the precious tree of life, once removed from the Garden of Eden, and now prepared in readiness to preserve a new life for the believers who were doers of His will.


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