Closure: Time and Eternity


I hope that you have been thinking of what was discussed in the first unit of this article in which Time and Eternity were the subject. Answers that made good sense finally began to "jell" so to speak, at least to the extent that I wanted to share it with you. It is not a new method of thinking but possesses tidbits of the heart of one individual. This helps to understand a broader picture which could trigger other thoughts that are often capable of presenting a brand new direction. Such a continuum doesn't give you the right or wrong of any one thing but can keep you from static thought.

Please remember that what I have to say here is a result of my study in the days since our original discussion. Don't hesitate to do your own study. God does not expect us to have identical conclusions because we are unique in makeup by His determination.

All matters that we study of a spiritual nature have an additional concept that offers truth, right or wrong good or bad, however, without the broader learning it is more difficult to recognize such knowledge. An example that comes to mind is that of the Ethiopian Eunuch who asked of Peter "how can I learn unless someone teaches me?" My own opinion does not call for the experience of experimentation in order to recognize truth, but having learned the danger of any one thing from the confidence one has had in common knowledge, memory will be your partner.

These areas which were possibly created for our usefulness by involvement with man,provide studies rich in usefulness and as well as enriched knowledge about God. Such studies are very beneficial to what we are able to learn.


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