The Wholeness of Trust


After my husband died I wasn’t able to write about him or of our relationship for almost a year. At that time I realized it was up to me to make some kind of change. It wasn’t an easy task, and there are moments still when I find it unreal that he won’t be walking in at any minute, day or night. However, once I started I began to get the hang of it and found that it wasn’t too different from our regular life. After all, he was on the road most of a week, sometimes longer and I adapted  to that difficult schedule, so I could do it again because there was an even greater need now. How did I approach such a daunting subject? For me, it was easy, I wrote almost day and night. This would seem to indicate that if I were giving advice, I would suggest that whatever it is that interests you to exclusion of telephones, parties, shopping, whatever it is, do it. In a space of time you will be able to add other interests, but for now, be persistent with one main thing. I learned a lot during that period and have found that he is not completely gone as I thought. He comes and goes and it never fails when I need him most he is here with me. It may surprise you to know there are times when it seems that his presence is with me all of the night, but no matter how early I am, up, he is already gone. When morning comes, he is always gone, but I have benefited  from  knowing his ethereal spirit was with me. How do I explain it? I don’t try for the most part except to say that it comes from God. I’ve  written quite a lot about him now, and that helps bring him near. I hope that my experience will be beneficial to you when the time comes for you to make such decisions. Make every day count now, with the best that is in you and you will know that you did when that time comes. May happiness fill you as each day passes, and make the most of the blessings that are ever coming from our Lord.

                                         The Wholeness of Trust

Agony swept within me
Denying all I’d known
I floundered in the darkness
Alone in icy cold.
Humbly I bowed before Him
Seeking submission’s key
And felt the trust of faith
Arise, to meet my needs.

No answered ‘whys’
Could salvage
The loss of what had been
Only trust in ancient promise
Restored my life again.







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