The Philosophy of Ambition

Reaching for heights describes the dream
While dark valleys just won’t do
Each faceted dream sparkles with hope
Like jewels in morning dew.
Each to each the saying goes
One chance or maybe two, for
Time is a Master hard to please
Who won’t spend much time with you.
To choose is a gamble, but choose
You must, for nothing stands perfectly
Still, but you can reach for what fills
Your mind and work, because it is.
You’ll find deception haunts most ways
So be prepared for the muck of grime
But hold to values to win the day
And you’ll be an example of praise.
By offering the whole of what you saw
You demonstrated God’s love is real
Where promises and faith are the reality
Of dreams and a key is in your hands.
To be serene and happy, with success
A deal that’s won, seek the treasure
That holds it’s own and promises
Reality and dreams are one.

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