House. — Same Train, Different Track


Lost in the country A living coffin Family, buried within Faces Showing frown, smile, some showing nothing Bodies Upright, slouched, douveted up Footsteps Tip toeing, stomping, keeping time Voices Monotone, raised, whispering, shouting, grumbling Feelings Happy, sad, down, highs and lows The head of the household Busying herself in the kitchen Poet, cocooned in his […] via House. — Same Train, Different Track (inspired by C. J. Black’s poem)

Is this what you’ve felt about Upward Bound for a good while? I know it must be, because after decisions were made regarding the project of recreating Upward Bound, realities entered saying “sorry, do it again (and again!!) Did I say anything about confusion? I had it to spare. I won’t burden you with the details as they are behind us now and we are ready to FLY!


Spring: Interpretation


May 23, 2018


Spring, that glorious few moments Of renewal. Is it because The time is seemingly so short That we cherish so intensely? Babies, hardly  weaned, beautifully   Frocked in soft shades  of sparkling greens Gestures soft whispers to the  winds Who clamor for rest within arms Along with charming melodies, Concerts for the peace of all Gently swirling through limb and leaf Attracting visitors to sleep Spring, glorious moments of peace.


picture by Pinterest

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