History 1997
This poem was written, not as a theological discussion, but to help me in thinking of my family who were already a part of that new and different world. I don’t remember when it occurred, but at some point I realized that physical death is not the enemy. That was a big step, one I have come to recognize as difficult for most of us. However it is the way God chooses to teach us, and in my own opinion, it is probably His favorite method. Why? I think it is because it follows a non-painful path all the way through with the exception of that first step. Now, I am able to go forward and contemplate what God has been preparing for us since that time so long ago when he decided to create us as human beings. Most recently I had to release my husband of sixty years to this path and it was sad, but the poem gives me pause now allowing me to contemplate the wonders of that place of refuge made from love, with love. To know he is well, situated in safety among others who love each other gives me great joy. I hope you can gain peace of mind and or now and the anticipation of joining loved ones in the future.

Escape lies in darkness, a street with no name
Where edges are softened and work not the same
Where time does not limit and words never fail
Where friends, ever present, forever prevail.

Such darkness is light at the end of my way
Illumination, glowing through clouds of gray
Beckoning so gently through tunnels of pain
New life is promised though no life remains.

Then weariness, which held me, gives way to hope
For just one glimpse of the eternal scope
And as I press toward the light forgetting all pain
I emerge from my chrysalis, whole again.

Marie Hunter Atwood
illustration by



6 thoughts on “ETERNITY

  1. Thank you. If we walk in the Holy Spirit today we have already entered eternity in the Light of Messiah.
    We shine to attract others to the same experience.

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    1. Thank you so much for your visit and your comment. I especially like the last sentence because so many do not realize that it is our life which must shine if we are to shine for Him.

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  2. This is beautiful! Wishing you all the best


    1. Anonymous

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