If you must look back . . .

This was originally a sort of a challenge, I think, just the sound of the title gives me that idea, though it is a guess. There was no body except the same six words. There was nothing else there, at least after seven months. Today as I worked on the new blog site, I came across the statistics for this post and for a mere six words it didn’t do badly at all. In fact there were nineteen views and a smaller number of comments. I started to delete it and then I saw a date and what I saw was 3/22/16. I did a double take and looked again and it was still there so that ended all thought of discarding it because that is the date Mel and I were married, March 22  Of course the year wasn’t 2016 but 1953,  but when he passed away in 2012 it had been 8 months plus 2 weeks difference,  (Jan 29 – Mar 5) I”m not generally superstitious, but somehow that moved me incredibly so I wrote this response as a proper recognition at  the very least of his greeting to me, as I remembered sometime around Christmas I had written a poem of hello to him filling him in on all sorts of things we would have been discussing had he still been here. When I went back to look at the place of finding all of this, the image of the dates was no longer there and I got a tingling all the way up my spinal cord, but at the same time the whole thing feels normal. Goodbye, dear Mel, until next time.

























































2 thoughts on “If you must look back . . .

  1. Nice BLOG!!! ADD my BLOG too!!! Kisses!!!


    1. Beauty is its own reason for being! Take care and come back any timel


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