Daily Prompt

(create a scene that involves unsalted pretzels and a spray bottle.)

This scene begins with a young man named Earl and his little brother Bud.

Earl: “Did you bring the bottle?”

Bud: “What bottle?”

Earl: “The spray bottle, dummy!”

Bud: “Spray bottle?” What for?”

Earl: “Bud, really. Are we going to have pretzels tonight or not?”

Bud: “Oh yeah…pretzels. Why the spray bottle?”

Earl: “Because, ninny, the pretzels aren’t salted.”

Bud: “How you gonna salt ‘um with a spray bottle?”

Earl: “Jimmy-ne Cricket, boy, don’t you know anything?

Bud: “Yeah, lots…whatcha wanna know?”

Earl looked at him with disgust “The bottle, besides water, has soda in it.”

Bud: “Hmmm…why?”

Earl: Gritting his teeth Earl pronounced each word slowly “water-melts-soda.”

Bud: “You still won’t have any salt.”

Earl: “I’m not bringing you any more!”

Bud: “Why?”

Earl: “Don’t start that again!”

Bud: “Oh, okay. By the way, I brought the salt. You’z supposed to bring anything else. Did you bring the pretzels?

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt

  1. Thanks for the comment. That little spur-of-the moment was appreciated by quite a few people including me! Thanks for coming by.


  2. Hah I like the dialogue. And now want salted pretzels… 🤔


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