Daily Prompt          

The prompt for today is to make a list of things that can’t be frozen.

I thought this was a very interesting prompt, and immediately thought ‘everything can be frozen today, but I was wrong’

. Surprisingly when I first began, I could only come up with two ideas, love and hate. Then the door  slowly opened and I couldn’t write them down fast enough.  The following is my list.

  1. love                                       10.a smile
  2.  hate                                      11.a decision
  3. thoughts                              12. hope
  4. worship                                13. salvation
  5. gratitude                              14. forgiveness
  6. assistance                            15. reconciliation
  7. concern                                 16. sanctification
  8. beauty                                   17. hunger
  9. laughter                                18. sorrow                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Of course there are  thousands of other words, but these resonate with me as being ‘different’. Do you see it? These are ‘God’ words. They are the words that He loves to see and hear in our vocabulary, words that He is pleased to see in our actions with others, words that indicate we turn to Him as mentor and are guided in daily life by His advocate the Holy Spirit. This is what spirituality is all about. Living and teaching in love, one to another.  This is how we follow Him and how he allows us to become like Him.

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