The First Gift of Christmas

2 thoughts on “The First Gift of Christmas

  1. Hi Marie. Long time no see. As always your writing is superb!!! I pray all is well with you. Love, N


  2. Natalie I am trying to get things worked out on Square Space and am not totally there yet but making progress. If I only knew more about computers.! I miss you and others from wordpress and though I won’t be able to write as often I will be sending some of what I am doing soon. Thank you for your encouragement. I love hearing from you.
    I am thinking that you saw this title about Christmas but no content. Am I right? It seems to be one of my longer writings that WordPress has lost for me. I had plans to rework it and try for publication.
    I received the first copy of my new book yesterday. Am anxious to advertise it probably on Amazon. Will let you know. Do you know any young girls or women who would like to have a free copy, like daughters or granddaughters or neighbors who are avid readers. The name of the book (a novelette) is To Those Who Would Love, A Metamorphosis. It is 110 pages in length and it is written with God in mind. I feel it is unique in content, a story, written in first person, present tense beginning with a girl named June who grows into maturity (the metamorphosis). The trick was to show that maturation without talking about it. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for writing.


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