PRAYER, Just a Little Conversation

As I continue to think about the significance of prayer, I am convinced that we avoid participating in  communication with God as we should because we don’t want to reveal our inner self to Him. I understand the feeling, but isn’t this counter-productive? After all, He knows us better than we know ourselves. He recognizes the anticipation in our hearts even before we ‘do’ whatever it is we set out to do.. In the meantime, we do ourselves harm by failing to share with Him our problems and shortcomings, or completely on the other side of the story, our joy and happiness. He is more than a little concerned with our lives and our future, and He is there for us whenever we seek Him in prayer.

This hang-up about prayer can be resolved. Perhaps a change in reference would be helpful. Stop calling it prayer and refer to it as a conversation. Wow! That’s really big, isn’t it? Had you realized when you talk alone with Him that’s what it is … a conversation, and a private one at that. How much better than that can it be?

He longs to hear from you. Why not get back in touch with Him with your own private line?



2 thoughts on “PRAYER, Just a Little Conversation

  1. Beautiful!
    God is so close. He knows us, hears us, and loves us. He has created us and never forgotten us. It’s us who need God, need sincere prayers and loving hearts to keep close to Him.
    Thanks for sharing this post.
    Wishing you all the best,


  2. Nahla, almost at the beginning of August, I wrote a piece that could be called philosophical’ but Godly urging that we might switch the term prayer to Just a Little Conversation. Now, I find that I never did answer it. I am so sorry that I didn’t because your reply was so special, so lovely that running across it again made me know that I had to thank you.You are so right, we need Him and the amazing thing is He loves us and cares for us. Stop by any time and God Bless you, Marie


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