With all my love, Baba Hakim!

This piece by Sawsan is touching beyond description. I hope you will all be fortunate enough to read it. It will, I think, stay with me for the remainder of mine.

Last Tambourine

When I first met my husband, about 14 years ago, there were two things he talked to me about repeatedly, almost every day, which left me wondering how desperate he was, to be proven wrong, very wrong, many years later.

The first about a little girl he has vivid memories of from when he was about 5 years old, memories of them playing in front of the house. Her name was Sawsan, what are the chances?! This other Sawsan was from another country but they lived across the street. Sawsan and her family disappeared all of a sudden he said. Until we found out the truth about her and her family he always wondered where she was. That will be another post. He’s 57 and still talks about her! Then, and almost on daily basis, he told me how much I would love his father when I finally meet him…

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2 thoughts on “With all my love, Baba Hakim!

  1. Thank you for sharing Marie.
    I see you were just as deeply touched by his soul as I was 🙂
    That was how powerful his presence was, and still is!
    I could write so much more about him, don’t know why I held back.
    Bless you, and much love.


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    1. It means a lot to me that you understood what I was saying. See you soon.

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