The Philosophy of being Ready

Do you ever consider that our world sits on demonic fire? Although we could think that he (it) sleeps most of the time, that is, until his senses tell him that the time has come to announce his presence, this isn’t true. Even though we don’t think about him on a day-by-day schedule and he doesn’t ‘think’ of us at all, the events that prepare him for the moment when he will come to savage life and become the destroyer that he is, happens moment by moment as things change in the world, possibly the universe. He tracks all the changes that occur and is ready when the moment comes. All of creation connects and I think of it sometime as if he is human with the “DNA” of his creation preparing him for what his job will be. Life is not only life, but is balanced by death, and yet neither life or death is all bad or all good. So my advice is be ready which is the same advice our Lord left with us because we will not know the day or the hour when such events will happen. “.




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  1. Beautiful Marie!!! 🙂 ❤

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