Another Fall

The air turned cold last night
As the moon lay silver on the trees
And shadows cast an eerie charm
With silhouettes that danced and teased.

Night creatures scurried past
Roaming with practiced ease
And the wise old owl hooted ‘who, who’?
From his perch amongst the trees.

And a hoary frost laid cold about
An omen of things to be
When ice and snow and wind-drawn pain
Elicit dreams of summer’s glee.

6 thoughts on “Another Fall

  1. So beautiful, Marie! We’re still in the nineties every day here so it will be a while before I feel or see such. Thanks for sharing it and giving me hope that this heat has to leave sometime. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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  2. Amber Olmsted

    Fall is in the air in MN as well, but your words capture the full spirit of the season. I”m not looking forward to the cold of winter. Hope you are doing well. Love and miss you! Amber


    1. Hi Amber! I’ve been without a computer for three weeks and was delighted to have your comment which I really appreciated! We’ve had our first freeze and I am still setting plants out. I never want to face a garden full of shoulder-high weeds again. Of course if I have another health issue that keeps me from working in it for two years I may just have to do away with it entirely.

      Saw Barbara today in Mancos. She is feeling weary I think and no wonder, but it was good to have a little visit. Saw the sheepherder yesterday as we came home from a doctor visit in Durango, so the cold temps are creeping up on us.
      My soft cover books are in if you are interested. It is $11.98. The hard back is 28.95. Let me know so I can send it to you if you decide to purchase. I have close to 200 here at the house. I don’t charge postage and can get it off most weeks in two days. Say hi to Tim. Take care. Love, Marie


  3. Lovely poem where I am We are already feeling the winter breeze. If only Winter would give Autumn a chance.

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    1. Thanks for your like and tell me where you are enjoying that winter breeze. Nice hearing from youl


  4. “When ice and snow and wind-drawn pain
    Elicit dreams of summer’s glee.”
    pure music. I love reading your poems aloud. The flow is awesome, it’s very easy to pour my own “interpretation” (for lack of a better word) into them as I read. You have a gift of art, and I am so very glad you are sharing it!

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