My Purpose in Existence, A Prayer of Longing

Why am I here, Lord, at this time and place, when so few people in the world are so blessed? What is my purpose in being? What do I owe for this blessing? How do I find my purpose in the midst of a noisy, busy world in which clamor is its own reward?

You came to me in the process of my reflection and prayer and I realize you gave me this knowledge, for how else could I have learned of such things which have existed for so long, since they were created before the world was created, no, even before the world’s foundation was created?

My reaction to this gift? I am so touched, and yet, I must say, imperfectly. The Plan itself demonstrates your love for the humans you were about to create, but the concept of giving your Son for those who were at the moment but an image, a thought for the future is (excuse me for saying) inconceivable. I understand that this is a difference between your mind and mine and this is why I say my understanding is ‘imperfect’.

I long to touch you in more than imperfection; therefore, I ask, please help me as I learn the best ways to praise you, to worship you, let it be with my entire self, with the best that is in me which came from you. So much you have given me, undeservedly and without restraint. Please help me now to give to others.

To be of benefit to your love? Oh Lord, I ask that you burden me not only with your longing for the reconciliation of every person but with the realization of that longing which will make it vital for me to understand. Then I ask for your help in using me to give that message to those who do not know you. This is the purpose you   gave me as I sat in meditation of you.

My entire self began to pattern itself after our Lord and in time I had so many answers I could hardly keep them in my mind, but that is the secret. God wants them to be in our hearts. Let the heart lead the mind and even you and I are enabled to tell people about Jesus. You know, of course, that the Son is the Word and the Word is Jesus, and His Word is the Bible which is the where, when, why, how and what about Jesus. And that is where the information comes from that speaks to your heart to tell you what your purpose is in this life. God bless in your decisions.

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