Touch Me

Touch me with a smile
Let your heart befriend me
Touch me with your hand
Cause my heart to sing
Touch me with your soul
Possess me with your spirit
Love blooms then eternal
In an endless flame.

Touch me with deep longing
Let me fill your needs
Touch me with quiet caring
As darkness swiftly flees
Leave no fears unspoken
Nor thoughts of unmet needs
As heart to heart belonging
Satisfies our dreams.

 Touch Me was a gift to my husband on his birthday in
1981. We had been married twenty-eight years.

4 thoughts on “A FOREVER LOVE

    1. Thanks Georgette, I appreciate your comment. That 28 years I mentioned turned into 60 before his death in January of 2012.

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      1. That’s phenomenal. What a blessing those 60 years must have been for both of you. Hugs. 💕

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  1. Diane Gulbenkian

    What a lovely poem and a beautiful gift. You and Uncle Mel had a very special marriage – I didn’t realize that you were married 60 years!

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