Bitterness, an Ode to Life

Bitterness is a contender
For grief’s deep loneliness
For even “happy” looks within
Not seeking to amend.
An unexpected kindness
Combined with words of care
Lifts the one who’s fighting
Against the winds of despair.
Even a moment’s bitterness
Can smolder into decay
As it broods on jagged edges
Received just yesterday.
Do we live by obligation
That “have to” type of life
Or can we seek a brother
Who hides beneath his strife,
Whose edges still impart
A need to find release,
Impossible without some kindness
To help him find his peace.

3 thoughts on “Bitterness, an Ode to Life

  1. Wow, Mom! You continue to blow my mind with your wisdom and talent in conveying that wisdom in beautiful, lyrical poetry. Keep sharing, I yearn for more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so sweet. Thank you for that beautiful comment!


  2. This is rich in vision – “broods on jagged edges” —
    But so full of truth as well. A kind word can do a lot if we let it register. It does usually take trusting the source, at least for me, but it does help. Thanks for steering me this way – a very nice piece. Good rhyme, excellent flow. And meaning. All wrapped up – excellent write.


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