Floral Sunrise             I think of the day ahead and shiver in anxious dread
Yet something urges me not to stay but to welcome life instead
I place both feet upon the floor, knowing choice does both bless and damn.
Pleading that my love is real, I want no part of sham.

Perhaps you’ve never realized that dawn brings more than day
It brings love’s beauty and welcome, and tells the world He stays
I wrap a cloak about me to protect me from a chill
And step outside to see Him as He mounts the holy hill.

In awe I stand completely still, rejoicing in His will
For dawn now rests on nature’s breast and peace drifts about me still
Fresh trials do wait at sorrow’s gate, but I’ll make it now I’ve seen
How darkness recedes before the presence of love and light’s bright gleam.

The path to the door is a memory now, the dread, a bad disease
I’ve escaped for now the dreadful fear and can recall it as I please
With gratitude I know the morning’s pain drew me to your feet, again
So thank you Lord for life and love and for your blessed Calvary call.

4 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Rebecca Colleen Craddock

    Love this new poem! I’m glad you shared it, it’s beautiful!


    1. Hi there! Someday I’ll tell you how long it took to get that picture where it is and some writing on the side! Whew!!


  2. What a lovely way to spend a break. I love your flow, rhyme scheme, not to mention the clarity and truth in the subject 🙂 “For dawn now rests on nature’s breast” — that line is absolutely inspired. And inspiring. Thank you for sharing it!


    1. Thank you, Marcus for your lovely response. I don’t believe I’ve ever been told I was inspiring and so it is a rare and appreciated gift. Thanks, too, for noticing the flow and rhythm. Poetry is not always easily come by, is it? I have a daughter who can spot a word that ruins the rhythm from a mile away so she is one of my most helpful critics. Enough about me. How was your day? I read some of your poetry today and was impressed both by your subject matter and the way you express yourself. I could see some of that flow and rhythm you mentioned and will definitely be coming back for more. I write a lot about my life, nature, and spirituality and sometimes I try to be funny and it usually backfires. There is one of those supposedly funny ones that I will republish soon as an introduction of myself to a new follower. By the way thanks a lot. I appreciate it. See you soon.

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