Abstract music notes

I felt the melody as it drifted
To the place wherein I lay
And wondered at the message
It seemed in need to say.
It was then I thought I heard
Sweet voices from above
That crooned “release, release
He knows your faithful love.”
I made the song my own then
For it wrapped me in rich tones
As I gave myself to wisdom
It soothed and filled my soul.
Like fingers trailing water
I felt a cool release. Subdued,
Renewed, I welcomed peace
With wetness on my cheeks.
I heard again the words
And gloried in my release
For only love can save you
From pain and lonely grief.

4 thoughts on “RELEASE

  1. Wow, you are posting some great ones today, Marie! 🙂 ❤


  2. Rebecca Colleen CraddockR

    I love singing this song the High Desert Ayre.


  3. I love singing this poem with the group High Desert Ayre. We nee to post it on our site. Love you!


  4. Angela Oden

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to hear the music.


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