Golden Bells


Soft golden bells
Slip into my soul
Adjusting parameters
Of glory to behold.
And as the ache of sorrow
Recedes, I glimpse anew
The healing that’s awaited
Patiently to be reviewed.
His love flows in and through me
Filling spaces found within
That initiates rejoicing in
Golden bells that mend.
I feel relaxation
Slip quietly through my soul
Exploring gifted spaces
I’ve only just been given.
Sorrow replaced with gladness
Fills my heart anew
As memories rush upon me
Of all we had back then.
It is then that light surrounds me
A glow of peace and truth
For soon He’ll bring me to you
And love will long no more.

4 thoughts on “Golden Bells

  1. Beautiful, Marie! 🙂 ❤


  2. Angela Oden

    Love it!


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