The Green-Eyed Girl

I saw her standing all alone
And I said, ‘my heart has surely flown’
She turned and smiled and I said ‘oh my
I think I’m gonna die.’

Eyes were green and sparkling
Against a flaming red
And I said ‘better check this further
Before I lose my head.’

In a flash of a dream, then, I ran my hands
Through the thickness of her hair
And when I waked I had the shakes
Because the dream was rare, so rare.

Well, I caught my breath, and ambled over
Wanting to know if I’m alive or dead
Hands shaking, knees knocking
Double-tread without a dread.

The red I caressed was satin with a sheen
And the green, twin pools of cool
But when I touched her cheek so fair
I knew I was a gone dude.

Green, green eyes and flaming hair
With a smile that caught me unaware
I wasn’t cautious when I saw her there
But caution isn’t fun to do.

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