From Faith to Faith, As WE Live in the Spirit

There is a new book on the horizon by the name above and I am proud to tell you that it is mine. I have been working on it since June of last year and it is finally out of my hands. That makes it sound as if I am glad to be through with it and that is only partially true. Of course there is relief and expectation, but there is always a bit of sadness as well. I love writing and I try with all that’s in me to let you know that with every sentence that comes from my keyboard, which first must make it through my heart.

Writing of spiritual things is a dreadful challenge because of the warning from God regarding accountability. It doesn’t mean that what I write is infallible but that I do not contradict the specifics that He teaches  Many things are subject to interpretation of which I am allowed to express my understanding.  This involves many things, first that I continually seek to know and understand what He reveals to me and second that I  listen as the Spirit guides me to understanding.

What is this books’ purpose? I believe strongly that we have need of spiritual growth in order to reclaim our families, our neighborhoods and our country, and if the truth be known, the world. So I have written about faith first of all and how we came to be as we are. Second, I have written about the Holy Spirit, who He is, some of His characteristics, and what our relationship is with Him. And last, I have written about the spirituality God yearns for us to acquire and why it is essential.

I can’t wait for you to see it and hold it in your hands, but it is still with the publishers for the finish work, which in writing is the way the book will look inside and the making of a cover that will attract your attention. In the meantime, will you keep this book in your mind and yes, in your prayers that it will be a work that will bring glory to the one who took our place on that cross two thousand years ago. Thank you.

Do It Yourself
Do It Yourself

2 thoughts on “From Faith to Faith, As WE Live in the Spirit

  1. I’m looking forward to getting to read your second book! Praying that God will bless others through it’s reading, and you for your faithfulness!


  2. I can’t wait to see it in it’s completed form!


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