First, I want to thank you for your response to my poem The Spirit’s Call. It met my own need to be reminded of the spiritual growth that is needed, but I wasn’t sure how it would be received. Thank you again. Second I want to apologize for not telling you beforehand that I might be gone for awhile. I had a heart that was said to be wearing out sometimes achieving 600 beats/minute. Thus the surgeries. One was in November, but it didn’t work so the second one was February 26. It was a nightmare, but it worked! I’ve had no fibrillation since then. They’ve taken me off of (seemingly) dozens of medications; not really that many but lots! That alone has made me feel much better. The treadmill and I are about to become best friends as I regain what has been lost of energy and stamina. I am so thankful to my doctors and for the knowledge of this procedure which has been of such benefit for me.

Those of you who know me understand how I hate to be idle. I even included it in a poem when I thought I didn’t have much time to live. The line there goes this way: “Give me one more task to do before I die, that I may not idle lie…” The result has been that I finished the book I had been working on (since June of last year) during my recovery. I sent the revisions to the publisher yesterday. Now we begin on the cover which should be about ready to send proofs to me as a lot of preliminary work was done on it earlier. Please watch for it. I believe I was led to this subject by the Spirit and that His guidance was what sustained me. It is titled From Faith to Faith, As We Live in the Spirit. It is well-organized in a progressive manner that leads in manageable steps to the point of knowing exactly what God’s desire is for us, which is to learn of His nature and by devotion and self-discipline become as He is. It is not as some believe a congregational matter. It is an individual matter. I will be honored to make contact with you through His simple teachings and His example of Himself to us.

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