One Man’s Comments on His Own ‘Resurrection’

Called Lawrence, this man referred to the moment he met God as a believer and worshiper as his ‘resurrection.’ He was eighteen years old and was soon thereafter admitted to the brotherhood of the Carmelites located in Paris, France in the year 1666. His admission was on the basis of his deep faith in and his worship of God.

You may say thousands have done the same, why is this unusual? It is unusual because Brother Lawrence, as he was called, viewed a mid-winter, dry, leafless tree and reflected on what would happen to that tree when spring arrived. He recognized that it would be beautiful with leaves as it was renewed and then he realized that flowers would also come and after that fruit and he marveled at the providence and the power of God and at that moment he was changed. Awe became a part of his soul and was never removed. Brother Lawrence lived to be eighty-one, a total of 63 years in the revelation of his ‘resurrection’ with the result that he was set apart from others as he revealed a steadfast love for God that resolved all the issues of  life.

His faith and his love for God are remarkable in themselves, but I cannot help but marvel that he recognized the condition of his soul as resurrected! One wonders if he drew this conclusion from the similitude of knowing the greatness of what had happened to him to the extent that he felt resurrected from his eighteen years of prior existence.  It is a fact that many who made that decision a lifetime ago still do not realize that they have gone through the first resurrection having traded a sinful self in order to move from a decaying body to life in a spiritual body.

Look for further words on Brother Lawrence tomorrow.


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