In Honor of the Man Robin, In Sorrow for His Pain

Depression is a terrible life to deal with. I know because I’ve struggled with it most of my life. I had no knowledge that Mr. Williams bore the same trauma, the same pain, nor that he was choosing paths of healing that could not help him. I really think that there is only one way out of depression, but it is my opinion also that the door on it never completely closes. The next episode may be easier to deal with than the last one, but it is somewhere in the future.
Depression in one hyphenated word is the condition of not being able to experience self-love. When you accept yourself you allow love to enter your heart, and it is amazing how life begins to change. The healing quality of love will take you as far as you want to go. The poem I have written gives the source of my own discoveries in regard to healing, and whether it is one you might choose or not, I urge you to consider it. Forgiving self is the beginning.

I think of the day ahead and shiver in anxious dread
Yet something urges me not to stay but to welcome what lies ahead
I place both feet upon the floor, knowing choice can bless or damn
Pleading that my love is real, I want no part of sham.

Perhaps you don’t understand that dawn brings more than days
It brings love and beauty and welcome, and tells the world He stays
I wrap a cloak about me to protect against a chill
And step outside to see Him as He mounts the holy hill.

In awe I stand completely still, rejoicing in His perfect will
The dawn I dreaded is now in my heart a blessing of goodwill
Fresh trials await at sorrow’s gate, but now I know it’s true
In order to witness a beautiful dawn darkness must go away too.

The way to the door is a memory now, the dread, a bad disease
From which I am now allowed to recall soft blending hues of sheen
For the morning’s pain provided opportunity to thank Him once again
For life and love from the dawn of that day, when Calvary gave it all.

6 thoughts on “In Honor of the Man Robin, In Sorrow for His Pain

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    your words echo of the love that keeps you here…grounded…
    I have fallen into my own abyss, but have always found my way out or up I should say…
    though mine is not depression, my world de-pressed into a very still pause I think
    but who knows…I don’t wear labels very well…
    Your words make me smile, as there is always the understanding of human nature in them…
    a rare energy these days…
    Robin Williams contagious laughter will be sorely missed…though I think we will still hear it on those winds that blow through the veils of time
    Thank you for sharing you and your thoughts…they Matter as You Matter…both very much
    Take Care…


    1. Very nice comment Lady Blue Rose.


      1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        Thank you…


  2. Thanks also for your comments in regard to Robin Williams, and the topic of nature that comes out in so many of my poems.. It is a very important connection for me to our God. Thank you again.


    1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

      You’re welcome Mari….. your words brought awareness in a different way,
      everyone is fighting some battle inside, some have a larger war going on…
      sometimes all we can do is be there and listen and hold their hand if someone needs it…
      Take Care…You Matter…


      1. It is so important for people who suffer from depression not to bottle it up and not speak of it. I try not to miss an opportunity to point out that even though some still consider it shameful, it is less in that category than it used to be and that is in part because more people are sharing their own experiences. It was said today that Mr. Williams was ill with a difficult disease and the implication is that the disease affected his decision to take his life. I am so sorry to hear this new revelation because it indicates that his trust in God was no longer helping his pain and suffering. There seem to be so many times in our lives that “if only” takes over and we make the human decision to end what doesn’t seem to be getting better. Thanks again for your comment. I’ve really been wanting to reply to your comments by asking…how are you doing these days, and oh, by the way…you matter too, so much. Hugs.


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