Grace Without Partiality

At times we (the human race) find it difficult to forgive ourselves for something we have done, or not done, either by assuming (wrongly) that our trespass (a softer word for sin) is unforgiveable or by refusing to acknowledge the necessity for so-doing. We offer this excuse as a reason for our failure to follow Jesus as if our sin is too great to be forgiven. Yet our forgiveness did not depend on how we see our selves because God states that we are all “locked” in sin so that forgiveness is the same for all without partiality. It is a gift of unmerited grace for everyone and is therefore given with equality which means there is no such thing as a ‘little sin or a big sin.”

God on the other hand provided for forgiveness through His Son Jesus, the Christ yet he does not force even that momentous gift upon us but leaves it to our choice. To want forgiveness is to be repentant as you begin a life of obedience in which your effort is to live as He would have you live. This is where our own participation must kick in as we begin our struggle to change our human nature to a spiritual nature.  As to whether we are deserving of His forgiveness, we most definitely are not, but there is a glorious thing about it you may not have considered, but I think I will save that thought for tomorrow.

These thoughts stem from the writings of Oswald Chambers from his book




1 thought on “Grace Without Partiality

  1. Can’t wait until you finish that thought tomorrow! Blessings, Natalie 🙂


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