Inspiration is a Mother


Inspiration is not so much what you See, as what you Feel.

I published this quotation on the subject of inspiration not too long ago as a result of finding the truth of the statement in my own search for a particular type of picture. I saw an armload of beautiful pictures, but without the feeling in response to seeing there was no quiver of excitement that said, “Yes this is It.”

Today as I worked, I glanced at my mother’s picture sitting on a bookcase, and the feeling I had was an extension of my thoughts on this subject, and my mind told my heart, “Inspiration is a Mother.”

Let me introduce you to her. Her name is Jewel and she was a jewel to many all her life. A teacher and avid learner she never ceased to be a student. She was gracious, hospitable, honorable, humble and submissive, yet she was a dynamo, a hard worker in all things. Actually she seldom rested unless her damaged feet let her know that she Had to stop. At that point she would say, “I think I will Have to lie down, but as an afterthought she would add, “Just for Five minutes.” Now the irony was that in five minutes she would wake and be up and going again.

I admit that I both See and Feel when I look at this picture, and what I see is a woman of sweet character who could scare the pants off of you (if you needed it), who had the sweetest smile I have ever encountered and the bluest blue eyes imaginable. She had five children, made all of their clothes, cooked and put up food for the winter, didn’t know what a refrigerator looked like, washed on a rub board after boiling the water first in a black iron kettle with a handle over an open fire (which she had to build and haul water for.)

She kept a garden from which she canned and preserved and kept her house as free of dirt, spiders and snakes as it was possible to do and kept her children squeeky clean, polite and well-mannered. It makes me tired just to remember it all. The list could go on but i think you have the picture. I don’t know how she did it, and am thankful that I am able to function in a different time and circumstance. She inspires me in ways that I could not even explain. She is my inspiration, my role model, my goal.

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