Winter Haikus, by Marie

Morning sun reflects off snow
Glittering here below
Whispering in harmony.

Snow melt slips away
Just as spring arrives to stay
Offering to play.

Water slides downstream
Over rocks and reeds to play
Natures holiday.

5 thoughts on “Winter Haikus, by Marie

  1. I am terrible at haikus. This was so cleverly done. Love it!


    1. I’m so glad you like them. This is the first time I’ve published any haikus, so I was a bit nervous about it.


      1. You shouldn’t be — they’re great! Have you seen my friend Jeremy’s work over at “Perception”? He’s a great Denver-based photographer — a really neat man — who often posts haikus with his photos. I really think they’re quite clever. His blog is at 🙂


  2. Angela Oden

    Fun poem! Enjoyed the cadence and imagery.


  3. I really like these. Especially the way you presented them on the page. Thanks Jessica for your wonderful plug of my blog! What a nice compliment. I absolutely love haiku.


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