Dreams and Jeans

Grown-up girls with silken curls

Dream hazily of yesteryear

When little boys, smitten, green

Pledged devotion to their queen.

Content with dress-up and pretend meals

And play money that paid the bills

How idyllic, how divine

The future settled, his and mine.

Then along came Betsy intent on sweets

Looking for something good to eat

With pouts and preens she took him away

Sampling devotion I’d thought would stay.

I would have died if there’d been time

But in my pocket I felt a dime

So off I went to buy ice cream

Vanilla, you know, with a swirl of crème.

And then a thought came to my mind

Devotion is fickle and not worth a dime

But thank goodness for dimes in jeans

They save the day from broken dreams.

Marie Hunter Atwood

11 thoughts on “Dreams and Jeans

  1. Those dimes are indeed significant. Interesting write. Well-penned.


    1. Thanks for your comment and glad you enjoyed


  2. Fun poem and so true ~ thanks for coming to my blog also ~ happy week to you ^_^


    1. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for your ocmment


  3. Love this. Takes me to another time… I understand broken dreams.


  4. We all have them don’t we? Glad you liked it.


  5. Diane Gulbenkian

    I found this to be very nostalgic; painted such wonderful pictures in my mind. I always enjoy your style of writing!


    1. Thanks Diane. Glad you liked it.


  6. Your poetry is well penned and filled with an uplifting spirit for all that read your words. ~ Happy Week to you ~ carol, xxx


    1. Thank you so much, Carol. Words of encouragement are always welcome


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