The Pain of Lost Love

After a while will the sun come out to smile

Will clouds disappear and wipe away lies

Will fresh breezes quicken and open your eyes

Or will I exist on memories and good byes?

After a while will I long for you no more

Will my heart no longer linger at your door

Will there be new horizons or yearnings as before

Or will I lose the longing forevermore?

After a while does heartache really end

Or does it step aside forgetting it should mend?

I wish I knew the how’s and why’s we ceased to blend

Then perhaps I’d pretend this moment is just a whim.

Will ‘after-a-while’ time ever come for me?

I know the memory of  love will ever be.

But perhaps fate’s kindness will soothe the pain

Enough to set me on life’s path again.

-Marie Atwood

5 thoughts on “The Pain of Lost Love

  1. Musings of a Messy Mind ~ Teresa Dodd

    What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it with us!


  2. Angela Oden

    Mom, the poem touched me deeply. I Love you! xo


  3. Margery

    It was very touching to me as I also have the pain of lost love. I know that someday it will be easier.


    1. Dear Margery,
      Thank you so much for your comment on The Pain of Lost Love. I haven’t written a lot of love poems, but thought maybe it was time to balance the scales. The response to this poem shows there are many of us who still hurt but let me share something that has happened for me. While I don’t dwell on the pain, I don’t shut it out of my life either and it seems to do two things that ease the sharpness. In a very real way it makes him more dear to me because of the times we had together, and at the same time, remembering almost makes it real for me.

      It was so good to hear from you. Let’s stay in touch. I will be posting some poetry about the fall weather
      soon. I hope you will enjoy it.
      Love, Marie

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Sandra

    A very beautiful poem…it really touched me deep inside. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to read your poems and looking forward to reading more. Thanks sweet T for sharing this beautiful link to your mom’s poems.


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