The Butterfly

English: Siproeta epaphus, Butterfly World (Fl...
English: Siproeta epaphus, Butterfly World (Florida) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Transparent Butterfly
Transparent Butterfly (Photo credit: thefost)


Of all God’s beauty
We’re enabled to behold
The exquisite charm
Of the butterfly
Is surely pure gold.
Dainty, yet powerful
Her wings do amaze
While her tiny feet
Step with such care
There’s never a moment
of rough-rugged air.
And the colors!
Ah, the colors
Speak of forever,
Where beauty never dims
Yet blends magnificently
Into translucent white,
The color of righteousness,
God’s blessed delight.


Marie H. Atwood – 2010



4 thoughts on “The Butterfly

  1. This poem is as beautiful as its subject matter! Wow, I wish I could write poetry like you!


  2. Angela Oden

    I loved the poem. The description of the butterfly is perfect.The butterfly isn’t imbalanced by its large wings and small feet. Rather beauty and grace lift in graceful flight. Well said!


  3. Musings of a Messy Mind ~ Teresa Dodd

    You are so gifted! Beautiful mind images!



    What a lovely poem! I’ll always remember the beautiful butterfly tray you had hanging in your house when we were little with beautiful butterflies under glass with the most incredible iridescent blues I had ever seen! I hope you still have it – a true treasure! Love you!!


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